Yves Jive
Aus der laufenden Produktion (Zürich/MFO Park Studio & Berkeley/Fantasy Studios)
Schlagwerk: Renzo Bopp (Zürich)
Bass: Johnny Ace (San Francisco)
Guitar Solo: Elek Weinrich
1 Yves Jive BEST MIX 44100Hz 13.06.13.wa
Wave Audio Datei 39.4 MB
DEMO aus der Produktion O'gfoan der BaldWiena FolksWaisen
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Short information on Heinz D. Heisl in english

Heinz D. Heisl, born in  in Innsbruck, Austria; studied music, composer and singer, under contract by RCA; writes peotry and fiction since 1986; several literary prices and awards; his recent novel Greiner was published 2009;  organizes since 2003 together with Elias Schneitter and others the legendary literary festival “Sprachsalz” (“language salt”) in Hall Tyrol.


Some chapters of his recent Novel "Greiner" have been translated in Ukrainian, English and Japanese. You can find an example here.